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TecStream delivers supply chain consulting services and solutions optimising the international trade supply chain.

Business Process Outsourcing Solutions About

TecStream’s highly experienced team and software solutions simplify the complexity of international trade, imports, exports, logistics, order management and product lifecycle management.


TecStream offers a single point of contact for importers and exporters. We provide holistic, outsourced services geared to process transactions as a turnkey solution. We also provide focussed assistance on areas of need, including shipment updates, track and trace and foreign exchange management. Our efficient and experienced team will provide Business Process Outsourcing Solutions that is tailor made to suit your needs.

Cloud Services

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Business Process Outsourcing Solutions that enable you to concentrate on the things that matter the most in your company, and we take care of the rest.

What TecStream can do for you
  • Order Track & Trace
  • Accurate landed costings
  • Estimated unit cost for orders
  • Costing Variance
  • Flagging problematic shipments
  • Foreign Exposures & contracts
  • Supplier Payment reports
  • Client specific reporting ability
  • Statistical Report Representation
  • Summary of Shipment Statuses
  • Save on Resources cost
  • System & infrastructure costs
  • Pay for what you use
  • Management costs and time
  • Effective time management
  • Comparative costing services
  • Analysis of Variances in costs
  • Manage your Orders
  • Manage your Shipments
  • Manage your Shipping & Logistics Function
  • Experienced & Specialist Management team
  • Risk Management
  • Constant Client Liaison
  • Managing Communication with Suppliers
  • Manage & negotiate agreements with your 3rd party Logistics providers
  • Treasury and Foreign Exchange Management
  • Management of your Import and Exports orders
  • Shipment processing
  • Documentation  processing
  • Invoice capturing & matching
  • Matching Supplier Payments
  • Capturing, Matching & Processing of forex exposures & contracts
  • Track & Trace updates
  • Consolidate & Optimise your shipments and orders
  • Consolidate rates
  • Consolidate routes & transporters
  • Consolidate services
  • Assist with import / export application
  • Assist with Tariff Headings
  • Import / Export enquiries and procedures
  • Access to vast amount of information
  • Assist with import / export regulations
  • International trade enquiries
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